PS Suite: Set Up Your Dedicated OceanConnect Device

To connect your EMR to Ocean, you will need to install and run the OceanConnect app on a dedicated Android tablet (dedicated OceanConnect tablets are never charged a monthly subscription fee). This tablet should not be used for patient form completion and must remain connected to Wi-Fi at all times, as it connects Ocean to your EMR. You can learn more about OceanConnect in this article.

  1. Turn off your tablet’s battery-saving features.
    • These settings will ensure that the OceanConnect app is always running. To access these features, enter the Settings app on the tablet.
    • Go into the “Wi-Fi” section of the Settings app and select the cog at the top right corner of the page. Set “Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep” to “Always”.
    • Go into the “Battery” section of the Settings app. Ensure that “Intelligent power saving standby” is OFF (i.e. grey and toggled left) and “Battery saver” is set to “Off/Never turn on automatically”.
  2. Check your tablet's current date and time.
    • Once you have purchased your tablets, before you install any apps, check your tablet's current date and time to make sure that it's correct and that your tablet is set to the correct time zone.
    • You can check this in the "Systems" section, in "Date and time".
  3. Create a Google account on your OceanConnect dedicated tablet.
    • On your dedicated OceanConnect tablet, create a Google Play account.
    • We recommend that you create a dedicated account for this purpose (e.g.
    • To do this, click on the Google Play app on the tablet and follow the prompts to create a new Google account.
    • You do not need to auto backup device data or enter a credit card (Ocean apps are free).
  4. Download the Ocean apps from the Google Play Store.
    • Search for "CognisantMD" in the Play Store. Find both the OceanConnect and Ocean Tablet apps.
    • Click on each of the above apps and select "Install" to download each app.
    • Note: If you will be registering more than one Ocean Tablet, you should install OceanConnect on only one of them.
  5. Register the Ocean Tablet app.
    • Open the Ocean Tablet app (NOT Ocean Connect) and register it by entering your Ocean site number, tablet name (which you can choose), your Ocean username and your Ocean password. Do NOT change the Ocean Server field.
  6. Enter your Shared Encryption Key.
    • You will now be prompted to enter your site’s shared encryption key. This is the 16-digit key you created from within the Ocean Portal.
    • If you have not set your encryption key yet, you can do this by going to the Ocean Portal on your computer and navigating to the Encryption section in the Admin tab.
    • Once you’ve entered your encryption key, you will be taken to Ocean Tablet home page.
  7. Confirm that your tablet has been registered.
    • Once your tablet has been successfully registered, it should appear in the Tablets tab of your Ocean Portal.
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