PS Suite: Add Your Mobile OceanConnect Device in PS Suite

  1. Create a new PS Suite user, named "Ocean Connect".
    • This Ocean Connect user will serve as a makeshift user that the OceanConnect tablet will use when saving notes.
    • You can create a user in the "Edit Users" dialog box that can be accessed from the dashboard, under the Settings menu (you will need administrative privileges in PS Suite to access this dialog).
    • Make sure you save the Ocean Connect user with initials "OCNC" and as an “Administrator” with standard special privileges that allow them to view ALL privileges and have NOTES action privileges.
  2. Add a mobile device for the Ocean Connect user.
    • Log in to PS Suite as the new Ocean Connect user you just created.
    • From the dashboard, open the Settings menu and select "Preferences".
    • Enter the password for the OCNC user to access the preferences dialog. Note that you will need administrative access to your PS Suite EMR to be able to access this dialog.
    • Select "Mobile" from the list of preferences options along the left. Note that you will only be able to access this area if you have your mobile TELUS API set up.
    • Select "Connect, Ocean" as your mobile device user and click "Register Device".
    • You will then be prompted to select a calendar. Select any calendar and continue.
    • This will open up an Activation Code dialog box. For our purposes, you can ignore the QR code. You will need the manual code to register your OceanConnect tablet.
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