PS Suite: Download & Install the Ocean Custom Form and Toolbar

  1. Click on the file links below to download the Ocean toolbar and custom form files.
    • If the files do not appear as “.cfm”, right-click each of the links to and save them manually by selecting "Save As..." from the menu of options.
    • The custom form is located here: Ocean.cfm.
  2. Open the Edit Custom Forms window in PS Suite.
    • Log in to PS Suite and open the EMR (Records) window.
    • From the "Settings" menu, choose "Edit Custom Forms".
  3. Import the downloaded custom form files into PS Suite.
    • From the Edit Custom Forms window, select "File" and then "Import Form(s)".
    • Locate the .cfm file that was downloaded. (This will typically be in your computer's "Downloads" folder if you've downloaded the file recently.)
    • Select "Choose" and close the Custom Forms window.
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