Accuro: Configure OceanConnect

  1. Contact QHR customer support to enable your API for Ocean.
    • Contact QHR customer support to enable your API for Ocean and provide you with an API URL, username and password.
    • If you signed up for an Ocean account using the Accuro affiliate signup link, Accuro will already be notified and will reach out to you to send you your API information accordingly.
    • Note: This is a dedicated URL, username and password for API access that must be configured and provided by Accuro. Your normal Accuro username and password will not work and the API URL is different from your Citrix login URL. It should be something like “” (where abcde is a unique five letter acronym for your Accuro instance).
  2. Enter your QHR Accuro API credentials in OceanConnect.
    • If it’s not already open, tap the OceanConnect app on the Android home screen to open it. Select “QHR Accuro” from the home screen. Next, enter your QHR Accuro API credentials (Web URL, User Name, and Password), as provided from QHR.
  3. Test and save your configuration settings.
    • Click on “Test & Save Configuration” to make sure that the connection is working. Once the configuration is saved, OceanConnect will automatically extract, encrypt and upload the next 7 days of appointments.
  4. Verify appointment synchronization.
    • Verify your appointment synchronization with Accuro by logging in to the Ocean Portal and verifying that the patients from your booked appointments in Accuro have appeared in the Patients tab of the Ocean portal. If your patients have not appeared in the Patients tab, click “Sync Appointments Now” to force another synchronization with the Accuro appointment schedule.
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