Accuro: Configure the OceanConnect App

  1. Contact QHR customer support to enable your API for Ocean.

    • Contact QHR customer support to enable your API for Ocean and provide you with a Tenant Id (sometimes called ACRON or acronym), UUID, username and password.
    • If you signed up for an Ocean account using the Accuro affiliate signup link, Accuro will already be notified and will reach out to you to send you your API information accordingly.
    • Note: This is a dedicated Tenant Id, UUID, username and password for API access that must be configured and provided by Accuro. Your normal Accuro username and password will not work. Also note that the API URL is different from your Citrix login URL.
  2. Select Your EMR.

    • If it’s not already open, tap the OceanConnect app on the Android home screen to open it. Select “QHR Accuro” from the EMR selection screen.
  3. Enter your QHR Accuro API credentials in OceanConnect.

    • Next, enter your Accuro URL, Tenant/ACRON/acronym, and UUID, as provided by QHR.
  4. Authorize Ocean through the Accuro EMR REST API.

    • Once you're happy with your OceanConnect settings, select “Click here to authorize Ocean” to access the Accuro EMR REST API login page.
    • Enter your QHR Accuro API credentials (tenant, username and password) and select "Log in".
    • This will bring you to the "Approve 3rd Party Access" window. Select "Approve" to enable Ocean to access your Accuro EMR.
    • Once authorization is complete, OceanConnect will automatically extract, encrypt and upload the next 7 days of appointments.
    • Back on the OceanConnect configuration page, the "Sync Appointments Now" button will now be available (i.e. it will be blue, instead of greyed out).
  5. Verify appointment synchronization.

    • Verify your appointment synchronization with Accuro by logging in to the Ocean Portal and verifying that the patients from your booked appointments in Accuro have appeared in the Patients tab of the Ocean Portal.
    • If your patients are not appearing in the Patients tab, click the “Sync Appointments Now” button on your OceanConnect app. Clicking this button will force OceanConnect to synchronize appointments with the Accuro appointment schedule, extracting, encrypting, and uploading patients with upcoming appointments. Once the sync is complete, you should see all your patients with upcoming appointments listed in the Patients tab of your Ocean Portal.

Congratulations! Your OceanConnect is now set up and ready to go.

To learn more about OceanConnect, please refer to "Understanding Ocean Connect".

If you're having trouble with OceanConnect, please refer to these troubleshooting steps.

Overview of the OceanConnect Fields
Appt Reminder Sent Custom Status Name:
If you are planning on using Ocean Reminders, you will want to create a custom status in your Accuro that will flag the patients' appointment when an Ocean Reminder email has been sent to them. This field of the OceanConnect app must match the name of the custom status that you create for it in your Accuro. For more details about configuring this custom status on the Accuro side, please refer to "Set Your Custom Status".
Schedule Days to Sync:
The default setting for this field is 7 days. Keep this setting, UNLESS you are planning to use form reminders with a lead time greater than this time interval. (For example, if your site wants to send form reminders 14 days in advance of a patient visit, then 14 days is required.)
Letter Type:
This field will allow you to choose which letter type you want your Ocean-generated notes to enter Accuro as (e.g. clinical note, letter, etc.).
Combine Progress Note:
If this checkbox is checked off, if a patient fills out multiple Ocean eForms at one sitting, all resultant notes from that eForm will go into one single encounter note in the patient's chart in Accuro (vs. each form creating a separate encounter for each Ocean eForm completed).
Use Custom Fields:
Check this checkbox if you have custom demographics fields set up in your Accuro EMR and you would like to patients to be able to populate these fields by completing Ocean eForms. For more details on mapping your Ocean eForm fields to your custom demographics fields in Accuro, please refer to: "Mapping Answers from an Ocean eForm to a Custom Demographics Field".
Save Configuration
Saves any changes to the settings you've made to any of the above settings.
Click here to authorize Ocean
Takes you to the Accuro EMR REST API log in page that allows you to authorize Ocean.
Sync Appointments Now
Manually synchronizes appointments. (OceanConnect will automatically synchronize with your appointments in your Accuro appointment schedule with the patients in your Ocean Portal every 30 minutes.)
  • Alternatively, you can also manually synchronize your appointments from the Patients tab of the Ocean Portal by selecting "Synchronize Appointments" from the Actions menu.
View Log
Shows you a log of OceanConnect activity that can be sent to CognisantMD for troubleshooting purposes.
Clear Activation
Clears your OceanConnect URL, Tenant, UUID, and REST API login information, disconnecting Ocean and Accuro.
Change EMR
Takes you back to the EMR selection screen.
Open Ocean Tablet
Opens the Ocean Tablet app on your device.
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