Basic Tablet Workflow

Once you've completed your tablet setup, you are ready to start distributing tablets out to your patients to complete questionnaires and surveys!

The steps below describe the typical workflow of a clinic that uses Ocean tablets for patient forms.

  1. Add forms for the patient to fill out by selecting "Add Form" or "Add Favourite".
    • PS Suite: Add forms from the Ocean custom form or the Ocean toolbar.
    • Accuro: Add forms using CDS links to the Ocean Portal or direct "Add Form" CDS links.
    • OSCAR: Add forms from the Ocean eForm (accessed via the shortcut on the Schedule) or the Ocean toolbar (accessed via the patient's Encounter screen).
    • Other EMR: Click on the patient in the Patients tab of the Ocean Portal and select "Add eForm...".
  2. Obtain the patient's 3-or 4-digit Ocean reference number.
    • PS Suite: Find the reference number on the Ocean custom form.
    • Accuro: Change your tablet settings to "Kiosk" mode so that patients can access their forms by entering their health number, instead of the 3-or 4-digit code. Alternatively, find the reference number in the CDS link to the Ocean Portal.
    • OSCAR: Find the reference number on the Ocean eForm or in the Ocean toolbar.
    • Other EMR: Look in the patient's tab under the "Reference #" column to obtain the patient's 3- or 4-digit number.
  3. Enter this 3-digit reference number into the Ocean tablet.
    • This will allow you to access your patient's forms and advance the screen to your clinic's main introduction screen and/or your patient's forms.
    • Hand the tablet to the patient to fill out their forms.
  4. Review the generated clinical note.
    • Integrated EMRs (i.e. PS Suite, Accuro, OSCAR): The generated clinical note should automatically download into the patient's chart as an encounter note. From there, you can edit the note if necessary. If any demographics information was edited these changes should be automatically reflected in the demographics fields for this patient in your EMR.
    • Non-Integrated EMRs: Review the generated clinical note from by clicking on the patient in the Patients tab of the Ocean Portal. From there, copy and paste the generated note into the patient's chart in your EMR, if desired.
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