PS Suite: Troubleshooting OceanConnect

If an individual Ocean note did not automatically upload to PSS:

If the patient's chart is open, check for a "Chart Out of Date" icon at the top right of the chart and click it if it is visible. If your notes still haven't downloaded automatically, re-open the chart manually to confirm that the note is missing.

If the note is still missing, click on the Ocean logo to open the custom form.

  • If a "Download" button is visible, click it to download the note.
  • If NO Download button is visible:
    • Click on the "Portal" icon on the custom form to view the patient in the Ocean Portal.
    • Check whether the note is shown for the patient when you click on the patient in the Patients tab of the Ocean portal.
      • If the note is missing, click the "Advanced..." button and check whether you can choose "Restore Downloaded Ocean Notes" to bring the missing notes back


      • If you were able to choose "Restore Ocean Downloaded Notes", go back to your EMR and try again by awaiting an automatic download in the patient's chart or by manually clicking the "Download" button on the Ocean toolbar, if necessary

If Ocean notes in general are not automatically uploading to PSS:

Check that your OceanConnect tablet is on, connected to the internet, and free of any obvious errors or issues.

If you're still having troubles after that, for next steps, please see this article.

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