Accuro: Manually Uploading Patients into Ocean

Normally, Ocean will automatically resynchronize appointments with the Accuro appointment schedule every hour. This is generally a sufficient time frame to have all the patients who need to fill out Ocean forms, loaded into Ocean.

However, you may want to email a patient more than a week in advance of their appointment and find that they are not in Ocean yet. Not to worry, you can easily upload this patient into Ocean by using the "Fetch Patient" feature:

1. Ensure that the patient exists in Accuro already, with a health number in their chart.

2. If you've just created the patient in Accuro, click the "Synchronize Appointments" button in the Patients tab of the Ocean portal:

3. From within the same tab, enter the patient's health number into the "HN..." field, under "Fetch Patient":

4. The patient will appear as ... ... HN (clock symbol) for a few seconds, while Ocean pulls the patient from Accuro:

5. Once Ocean has found the patient, their name and information will populate (and the source of the patient will be "EMR"), signifying that the patient has been successfully uploaded into Ocean:

6. From there, you can send the patient a message by clicking on their name, as usual.

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