Can I get forms to automatically show up, based on the patient's reason for visit?

You can set up Tablet Rules that will to automatically show appointment-specific forms. These can be very useful for collecting relevant information from patients before their appointment, without having to manually add forms to their queue.

For example, if a patient is booked for a back pain appointment, they could automatically be presented with this Back Pain eForm.

PS Suite or Accuro Other EMR

Some examples of triggers that you could use to create this rule are (where 'Reason' is the reason for appointment reason or type that the patient is booked in the schedule for):

pt.getReasonForVisit() != null && pt.getReasonForVisit().startsWith('Reason')
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pt.getReasonForVisit().indexOf(‘Reason’) != -1
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pt.getReasonForVisit() == 'Reason'
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For more information on setting up tablet rules, and examples of helpful rules, please refer to "Tablet Rules".

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