PS Suite: Using Custom Vitals to Update a Toolbar

If you have used the Ocean email consent toolbar, you will know that when a patient grants or refuses email consent by filling out the Email Consent Form on a tablet, their status on the email consent toolbar in their chart in PS Suite changes accordingly:

If you'd like to use this email consent toolbar, you can install the custom form here and learn how to set it up as a toolbar in this article.

The email consent toolbar works by pulling custom vitals the patient's clinical notes and updating itself accordingly. If you wish, you can also customize your toolbar to include status updates of other fields by following the steps below:

1. Open the eForm that you want to update the toolbar status in the eForm Editor.

2. Select the item that you want to update the toolbar status and change the custom note to a custom vital. For example, @Consent: Yes/No.

3. Back in PS Suite, open your Ocean toolbar in the custom form editor by selecting "Edit Custom Forms..." from the "Settings" menu, and double clicking on your Ocean toolbar.

4. Insert a text field and drag it to wherever you'd like it to appear on your toolbar. Change the text (in the bottom right) to something that is easily digestible and representative of the status that is getting updated. For example, you could use "Consent Granted?":

5. Add another text box. This will be the box that pulls in the answer to your custom vital (i.e. the word that appears after the colon). To configure this box correctly, double click the "Patient Property..." field on the right:

6. Select Vitals -> Specify Text Vital... -> text of latest. In the text box underneath the "Specify Text Vital..." field, type in your custom vital:

7. Click "Done" to exit the "Patient Property..." window.

8. Back in the custom form editor, you can change the colour and style of this field by selecting a value from the "Colour" and "Style" rows, respectively.

9. Once you're done, make sure that you save your changes by selecting "Save" from the "File" menu (top left):

10. Test out your form using a test patient and watch as the status of your second text box on your toolbar changes, depending on how the patient answers your consent question.

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