PS Suite: Setting Up OceanConnect

This article will describe how to set up OceanConnect, the highly anticipated connection to the new TELUS API!

Note: Since the OceanConnect app plays a key role in connecting Ocean to your EMR, we recommend that you DEDICATE A TABLET to this purpose only. As a dedicated tablet, it is easier to keep it connected and charged at all times; it is less likely to break (or be dropped); and it can be automatically kept on the most recent version using Google Play auto-updates. Rest assured: Unlike other Ocean tablets, the tablets running OceanConnect in “dedicated” mode do not incur a monthly subscription fee.

1. Upgrade and Configure your Ocean Custom Form & Ocean Toolbar

Before setting up OceanConnect, your clinic will require an up-to-date Ocean Toolbar and Ocean custom form:

  • Download and install the latest version of the Ocean Toolbar. If you do not currently use an Ocean Toolbar, please refer to this article to learn more about how to install the toolbar in PS Suite.
    • Make sure that the reminder to show this Ocean Toolbar is configured properly to display this new toolbar in the CPP as shown here:


    • Test the new toolbar by clicking on the "Ocean" logo button. It should display the Ocean custom form in a popup window. It should also display a 3, 4, or 5 digit Ocean reference code for the current patient (e.g. 435 in the screenshot)
  • Upgrade to the latest version of the Ocean custom form:
    • Click the Ocean logo to view the popup Ocean custom form.
    • Upgrade the Ocean custom form using the steps in this article. (start by clicking the Settings button on the Ocean custom form and clicking Upgrade Ocean Custom Form)
    • Re-open the Ocean custom form to confirm that the version is up-to-date (look for "v3.86" or later)Updated_Ocean_CF_v3.86.png
    • Click the "Settings" button on Ocean custom form. From there, sign in if necessary, select "Advanced...", then click "Ocean Connect Activated: N".Activate_Ocean_Connect_Setting_1.pngActivate_Ocean_Connect_Setting_2.png
    • Note: Once you have activated OceanConnect in this manner, the custom form will no longer save as a note within the patient's chart. If a user attempts to add it to the chart, it will remove itself with an error message.
2. Add a Mobile Device in PS Suite

1. Create a new PS Suite user, named "Ocean Connect", with initials "OCNC". "OCNC" serves as a makeshift user that the OceanConnect tablet will use when saving notes.

  • You can create a user in the "Edit Users" dialog box that can be accessed from the dashboard, under the Settings menu. Make sure you save the OCNC user as a "Doctor" with standard PSS administrative privileges.

2. Login as the new OCNC user.

3. From the dashboard, open the Settings menu and select "Preferences":

4. Enter the password for the OCNC user to access the preferences dialog. Note that you will need administrative access to your PS Suite EMR to be able to access this dialog.

5. Select "Mobile" from the list of preferences options along the left. Note that you will only be able to access this area if you have your mobile TELUS API set up.

6. Select "Connect, Ocean" as your mobile device user and click "Register Device":

7. You will then be prompted to select a calendar. Select any calendar and continue.

8. This will open up an Activation Code dialog box. For our purposes, you can ignore the QR code. You will need the manual code to register your OceanConnect tablet.

3. Set up your dedicated OceanConnect tablet

To set up your dedicated OceanConnect tablet, please follow the steps below:

  • Turn off all your tablet's battery saving features to ensure that the OceanConnect app will always be running.
    • Go into the your tablet's Settings app and select "Wi-Fi". Select the cog at the top right corner:

    • Select "Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep" and set it to "Always":


    • Back in the tablet's Settings app, select "Battery". Ensure that the "Intelligent power saving standby" is OFF (grey and toggled to the left) and "Battery saver" is set to "Off/Never turn on automatically":

  • Ensure that the date, time, and time zone of your tablet are all correct. You can check this from within the "Date & time" section of the tablet's Settings app:

  • Create a dedicated Google Play account here. We do not recommend using this account for other purposes.
  • Open the Google Play Store app and log in with your new Google user account. You do not need to add a credit card, as the OceanConnect app is always free.
  • Search in the Google Play Store for CognisantMD and find the OceanConnect app. Click to download the app.

  • Search again in the Google Play store for CognisantMD to locate the Ocean Tablet app. Click to download the app.

  • Open the Ocean Tablet app and complete the required fields to register the tablet with Ocean.  You will need your Ocean site number, user name, password, and shared encryption key to complete registration.


4. Configure the OceanConnect app
  • Open the OceanConnect app and select "TELUS PS Suite" from the home screen.
  • Type in the (manual) mobile activation code that you obtained from the Preferences window in PS Suite. (Be sure NOT to include the dashes (-) when typing in the activation code.)

  • If your device has been successfully added, you will see a green checkmark labelled "Device has been added" in the Activation Code dialog box in PS Suite:

  • If successful, you will be brought you to the main OceanConnect screen on your tablet.

The buttons on the main screen:

  • Days to Sync
    • Set your "Days to Sync" to 1 or 2 days, UNLESS you are planning to use form reminders with a lead time greater than this time interval.
    • For example, if your site wants to send form reminders 3 days in advance of a patient visit, then a minimum of 3 days' synchronization is required.
    • Note: More internet bandwidth is required for longer time intervals for appointment synchronization.
  • Test and Save Configuration
    • To start OceanConnect, select "Test & Save Configuration".
  • Synchronize Appointments
    • OceanConnect will automatically synchronize with your appointments on TELUS PS Suite appointment with the patients in your Ocean portal every hour. To manually synchronize these appointments, tap the "Synchronize Appointments" button on your OceanConnect tablet.
    • Alternatively, you can also manually synchronize your appointments from the Patients tab of the Ocean portal by selecting "Synchronize Appointments" from the Actions menu:

  • Clear Configuration
    • If you ever want to disconnect your OceanConnect, simply tap the "Clear Configuration" button on the OceanConnect app.

Congratulations! Your OceanConnect is now set up and ready to go. To learn more about OceanConnect, please refer to this article. If you're having trouble with OceanConnect, please refer to these troubleshooting steps.

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