My tablet is auto-filling information, how do I get it to stop?

Autofill is a common default setting on a number of tablets found in the keyboard options.

To turn off autofill on Samsung tablets (where we've seen this most):

1. Go into the tablet's Settings app.

2. Select Language and input. Click on Samsung Keyboard.

3. Select Smart typing. Toggle the "Predictive text" switch to the left to disable predictive text.

Other tablets should have similar settings.

If autofill continues to be a problem, it may be useful to download the Google Keyboard ("Gboard") from the Google Play Store and use that instead of the default Samsung keyboard.


Autocorrect is also a common default tablet setting that can be frustrating if a patient is required to enter text.

To turn off autocorrect:

  1. Go into Settings.
  2. Select Language & Input.
  3. Select the keyboard that you are using (most likely the Google keyboard, i.e. Gboard).
  4. Select Text Correction.
  5. Toggle the Auto-correction switch left to turn it off.


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