Using the Ocean Kiosk

Once you've finished assembling your kiosk and configuring your kiosk tablet, it is ready for patients to use for checking-in for their appointment, updating their demographics, reading any clinic announcements, completing specific forms or surveys - whatever works best for your clinic's workflow.

Checking-In Using the Kiosk

When a patient comes in for their appointment, they can check in by swiping their health card on the kiosk, with the picture side facing up and the trillium in the top left corner (see below).

A successful swipe will display the swiped health card number on screen (see below) and then advance to your clinic's main page. If swiping a health card isn't working, please refer to this article for details on the different types of swiping errors.

Note: The patient must have a green health card (i.e. not an old red and white card) with an undamaged magnetic strip on the back, in order for the swipe to work properly.

Completing Forms on the Kiosk

After a successful swipe, patients will be able to use the kiosk tablet's touch screen to complete forms that you have previously defined for your kiosk tablet (just like a free-floating Ocean tablet). This includes demographic updates, any custom eForms that you have created, etc.

You can learn more about customizing these settings in Step 7 of our Ocean Kiosk tablet configuration article here.

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