PS Suite: Enabling Auto-Downloading of Ocean Notes

After a patient completes a form, the resultant clinical note should auto-populate into their chart in PS Suite (assuming that the Ocean custom form is sitting in their chart).

If you find that the notes are not auto-downloading into the patient's chart, you may need to enable the auto-download settings in your Ocean custom form. To do this:

1. Enter a test patient's chart in PS Suite.

2. Insert the Ocean custom form by clicking the Ocean logo (if you are using an Ocean toolbar) or inserting the custom form from the Data menu.

3. Click the "Settings" button on the Ocean custom form.

4. Enter your Ocean username and password to authenticate yourself. You will need to be an administrator on your Ocean site to access this Settings menu.

5. Select "Advanced..." from the Settings menu.

6. For the 3 fields that start with "Auto-download", ensure that they are set to "Y".

  • If the fields are set to "N", simply double-click each field to change it to "Y".
  • If the fields are already set to "Y", click Cancel to exit the dialog box (which will keep the fields set to "Y").

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