PS Suite: Installing & Using Custom Forms

Installing Custom Form(s)

Once you have downloaded a custom form (.cfm file) onto your computer, simply follow the steps below to install the custom form(s) for use in PS Suite:

1. Open the "Records" window within PS Suite.

2. From the "Settings" menu, choose "Edit Custom Forms".

3. From the Custom Forms window, select "File" and then "Import Form(s)".

4. Locate the .cfm file that was downloaded (this will typically be in your computer's "Downloads" folder if you've downloaded the file recently).

5. Select "Choose".

6. Close the Custom Forms window.


Using Custom Form(s)

You can now use the custom form for any patient. To insert the custom form into a patient's chart:

1. Enter the patient's chart in PS Suite, then select "Data" and "New Custom Form".

2. Locate the custom form that you just imported and then select "Choose This Form".

3. The selected custom form should then appear in the patient's chart.

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