PS Suite: Minimum User Permissions Required for PSS Users to Use Ocean

To load forms into Ocean using the Ocean custom form, a user needs to be able to access the patient's chart with permissions to at least see and enter their own notes (because the Ocean custom form is technically a note in PS Suite).

Most roles have these privileges by default. However, some sites may have restricted their receptionist and data entry clerk role permissions. To use Ocean, these users need to at least have their "View Privileges" set to "Only Own Notes and Messages" and their "Action Privileges" set to "Notes":


These users can then insert the Ocean custom form using the Data menu (and selecting "New Custom Form..." and then "Ocean").

Alternatively, most sites use an Ocean toolbar to have a more convenient means to add the Ocean custom form. Since the toolbar is located in the CPP, users will need access to viewing the patient "Profile". Therefore, the user's "View Privileges" must be set to at least "Only Profile, Own Notes and Messages":


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