PS Suite: Customizing the "Add Form" Link in the Ocean Toolbar

This article describes how to create a link on the Ocean toolbar that adds a specific eForm to the patient's queue.

1. Enter a patient's chart in PS Suite. Enter Settings at the top of the screen and select "Edit Custom Forms...".

2. Search for and double click the Ocean Toolbar.

3. Click on the "Add Form" link on the toolbar.

4. Copy this link and then paste it.

5. Drag the new link to a new spot on the toolbar.

6. In the window along the right, change the name of your new link in the "Text" field. To customize your link, add your eForm ref within the quotation marks in the "Click Event" field.

Note: You can find your eForm's ref by previewing your eForm and looking within its URL: 

For example, if you wanted your new link to add the PHQ-9 form, your "Click Event" field would be: 

insertOcean("addForm phq9")

7. Save your changes and exit this window.

8. Enter another patient's chart and your toolbar should be updated. Clicking your new link should now add the form that you desired.

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