What if I need to identify a patient from my study data?

Ocean studies are designed to anonymize patient data. However, we recognize that there may be circumstances under which you would like to be able to link study data back to patients. You can do this in one of two ways: using the study configuration options or using the @ptExternalRef keyword and a formula item. 

For TELUS PS Suite users, the external patient reference number will be the PSS ID (at the top right corner of the patient chart).

For OSCAR users, this is the OSCAR patient ID.

For Accuro users, this is an unfortunately hidden field that represents the true, unchanging & unique patient ID in the system (healthcard, name, etc. are all liable to change). You may be able to extract this from the ad-hoc query tool reports, or through SQL queries; contact QHR for help if you need to access the patient ID.


Study Configuration Method

Once you have set up your study (see this article for study set up details), select "Configure" next to the applicable study under the Studies tab in the Ocean portal. 

Under the Pseudonymisation section, select the checkbox entitled "Capture EMR ID with submissions"Next, select save to retain your settings. Next time you export your study data, you will see the EMR ID as one of the study columns. 


Keyword Method

To begin, locate the study form under the eForms tab and select "Edit" to view it in the eForm editor. 

Add a new item, set the item type as a "Formula". Give the item a name, such as patient identifier. 

Under the Scripting and More tab, set the item reference to something like "Pt_Identifier", set "Show this field if" to false, and enter the following script into the Formula box:


For example:

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