When does my Referrer Information get populated on an eReferral Form?

Referring from the Ocean eReferral Network

When sending a referral directly through the Ocean eReferral Network for the first time, in a specific web browser, the "Referrer Information" fields at the bottom of the referral form will be blank.

In the "Referrer Information" panel, there will be a "Sign In" prompt that will allow you to link the referral to your Ocean account:

After signing in, the referrer information fields will be populated with the clinical contact information present in the "View My Account" section of your Ocean user account:

As follows:

If this information has not yet been filled out in your Ocean account, the "Referrer Information" fields will remain blank on the referral form, even after signing in. In this case, you must fill out the information manually before sending the referral. After your first referral has been sent while signed in to Ocean, the clinical contact information will be automatically saved to your Ocean user account, from which it will be pulled for subsequent referrals.

If you choose not to sign in and simply type in your "Referrer Information" instead, you will get the following prompt after clicking "eRefer" to send the referral:

If you choose to sign in or create a new Ocean account, your referrer information will be saved to your Ocean user account, as shown above.

If you opt to “Enter My Email Now”, the referrer information will only be saved in this specific web browser. The referrer information that you typed in will not be saved to your Ocean account and the referral will not be linked to your Ocean account.


Sending an eReferral from the EMR

One of the ways to initiate a referral from the EMR, is through the “Refer” button on the Ocean toolbar.

When initiating your first referral from the EMR using a specific web browser, if your EMR user name has not yet been linked to your Ocean user account (in other words, you are an "anonymous EMR User"), you will be prompted to sign in at the top of the Ocean eReferral Network:

If you don't link your Ocean account, you will also see a "Sign In" prompt in the "Referrer Information" panel:

If you are sending the referral from PS Suite, and your PS user role is a Doctor or Nurse Practitioner, the "Referrer Information" associated with a referral form will be populated with your PS user information (which can be found under the main "Settings" dropdown, under "Edit Users").

As follows:

Signing in to Ocean will save this information in your Ocean user account for subsequent referrals. It will also populate your EMR user name into your Ocean account so you will no longer be an anonymous EMR user. This means that on subsequent referrals sent directly from the EMR, you will no longer be prompted to sign in, as your account is now linked through your EMR user name.

Important Note: When sending an eReferral from the EMR, it is important that you do not log in to another user’s Ocean account. This will tie your EMR user name with their Ocean account, impact both of your future eReferrals.

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