Creating a Diagram in an eForm

Diagrams can be useful tools for patients to demonstrate where they are perceiving discomfort. The Body Pain Diagram is a great eForm for this purpose, but you can also customize your own diagram. This article describes how to create your own diagram.

  • Open your eForm in the eForm editor.
  • Click the blue plus (+) sign and select "Diagram".
  • Rename your diagram and choose a picture background for your diagram.
  • Once you've uploaded your picture, you can add labels at various locations on the diagram. You can do this by clicking "Add Item".
  • Move the 'X' to the appropriate spot on the background picture and label it using the "Caption" field.
  • Continue adding items until you're happy with all your diagram's labels.
  • Save your eForm and your diagram will be ready for use!
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