OSCAR: Guide to the Ocean eForm

The Ocean eForm for OSCAR will allow you to access Ocean directly from the appointment screen (see screenshots below). This article will describe the various Ocean features that can be accessed from the Ocean eForm. For instructions on how to install the Ocean eForm, please refer to this article.

3-Digit Patient Ref:
The 3-digit number to the right of the Ocean logo is the patient's Ocean reference number. When this number is entered into the Ocean Tablet app, it will subsequently pull up any eForms that have been queued for this specific patient (in addition to eForms that are triggered based on Tablet Rules).
Add Form:
This will allow you to search for and select any form(s) that exist in the eForm library. Once you've selected your form(s), you can enter the patient ref into your tablet for the patient to complete.
Email Patient:
This will allow you to send a secure message or web questionnaire for the patient to receive via email to complete at home. Note that there is a separate fee for online messaging (please refer to our pricing plans). Click here to learn more about sending emails to patient through Ocean.
This requires you to have an administrative Ocean account. Once you enter your Ocean credentials, you will be able access your site's admin settings, including your initial Ocean settings configuration, resetting your Ocean credentials, and accessing advanced settings (if needed).
Open Form Queue:
This will allow you to open and complete an eForm in a web browser on your own computer. Note that if you do not have an Ocean Online subscription, a per-form completion fee will apply.
Find Health Service:
This will allow you to access the Ocean Health Services directly, where you can send and/or receive eReferrals, if you are set up as an Ocean eReferrer. More information about Ocean eReferrals can be found here.
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