PS Suite: Managing Blue-Barred Ocean Notes

If a specific user has "Data Entries Require Review" selected in their PSS user settings, any notes they enter will get blue barred, and are assigned to their supervising doctor for review. This would include Ocean notes, if that user happens to be the first one to enter a patient chart when the Ocean note is ready to download. As the user's initials are getting tied to the downloaded Ocean note, the note gets blue barred and sent to their supervising doctor for review. 

To prevent those notes from downloading when a user with this "needs review" setting enters the chart:

1. Insert the Ocean custom form into a test patient's chart in PSS by clicking the Ocean logo on the Ocean toolbar.

2. Select "Settings" from the Ocean custom form.

3. Enter your Ocean username and password to access the settings menu. Once there, click "Advanced...".

4. Double click on "Autodownload Even If User Notes Need Review: Y" to change it to "N".

5. This will set it so that the Ocean notes will not download automatically for users who's notes need review, and therefore they will no longer be blue barred.

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