How can I set a question or field as required on a form?

When building a form, you may want to prevent patients from skipping certain questions, or ensure that the information they provide meets a certain criteria (e.g. an email address must contain the @ sign). It's easy to define questions as optional (or required), or set validation parameters in the Ocean form builder.

1. Select the question that you want to set as a required field. 

2. Select the "Scripting and More" tab.

3. From the "Field Validation" drop-down menu, select the appropriate option. In the case of a required field, select "non-empty (mandatory field)".

4. Save your form.

Now, if a patient attempts to complete the form and fails to answer the required question, they will not be allowed to move to the next page or finish the form without responding (required fields will appear with a red prompt to complete them).

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