PS Suite: Attaching a Clinical Note from PS Suite to an eReferral

Ocean makes it easy to select and "green bar" notes in a patient chart in PS Suite that can be exported as a PDF file that is saved on your computer's desktop. The file can then be uploaded to an eReferral sent through the Ocean eReferral Network.

To attach a note from PS Suite to an eReferral:

  1. Find the note(s) in the patient's chart that you want to generate as a PDF attachment.
  2. Check the checkbox next to the note to enable the “green bar”.
  3. Click on the paperclip attachment icon on the Ocean custom form (next to “Email Patient”).
  4. This will generate a temporary PDF file that is saved to your computer's desktop (this file will be automatically deleted after 5 minutes and/or when you exit PS Suite).
  5. The PDF file can now be opened, printed, and/or attached to an Ocean eReferral.
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