Customizing Basic Tablet Settings

To change your tablet settings, start by going to the Tablets tab in the Ocean Portal and click on the “Edit” option for the tablet grouping you want to edit.

Tablet Mode:

To set the tablet mode, use the drop-down menu found at the top of the editing dialog box. You can select between staff-initiated (staff enters a three-digit code in the tablet to unlock the correct forms for the patient); Kiosk mode (patients enter their health card number or swipe their health card to unlock their forms); or anonymous survey mode (single-purpose setting that allows patients to launch an anonymous survey by clicking “begin”).


The next tab allows you to customize the Introduction screen for your patients, including adding a clinic logo, a general welcome or clinic announcements, and a privacy notification.


The next tab allows you to automatically display a demographic review to all patients. You can easily customize which fields are included on your demographic review by selecting the checkboxes. If you don't want or need your patients to update their demographics every time, simply uncheck the "Always Show Demographics Screen" checkbox.


If you are using multi-lingual forms, you will want to ensure that you have selected the appropriate supported languages.


 This tab will allow you to create tablet rules, which can automatically load certain forms based on certain patient criteria. Please refer to this article for more information about setting up tablet rules.


This tab will allow you to customize completion form(s), demographics, hid the Quit button, and mark the patient as arrived.

a. Some clinics have a form that they want all patients to complete after completing all their other forms. This is easily customizable in the top section of this tab. 

b. This tab also allows you to optionally display any demographic changes on the thank you page to make it easy for staff to quickly review the changes to ensure there are no errors.

c. You can also optionally display a quit button that allows patients to quit forms without completing all the required fields. By default, tablets are set to hide the quit button (and we recommend leaving this default setting).

d. If you are in kiosk mode or have an Accuro integration, you will also have the option of having Ocean mark the patient as "arrived" when they have entered their health number or after they've completed all of their required eForms.

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