Configuring Your Tablet for the Ocean Kiosk

There are a couple of things you'll need to do in order to get your tablet ready for your kiosk.

1. Extend the Screen Timeout
  1. Enter the Settings app on your tablet.
  2. Select "Display" from the menu along the left.
  3. Click on "Screen timeout" and select the longest possible time (30 minutes).
2. Enable the On-Screen Keyboard & Disable Predictive Text

These settings will ensure that the on-screen keyboard shows up for your patients, even when your kiosk's card reader is plugged in. Disabling predictive text will prevent previously-entered information from auto-populating or being suggested.

  1. Enter the Settings app on your tablet.
  2. Select "General management" from the menu along the left and then select "Language and input".
  3. Under "Keyboards", select "Physical keyboard".
  4. Toggle "Show the on-screen keyboard" ON (i.e. to the right).
  5. Go back to "Language and input" and this time, select "On-screen keyboard" (or "Samsung keyboard" on Tab E).
  6. Select "Smart Typing" and toggle "Predictive text" OFF (i.e. to the left).
3. Enable External App Downloads & Turn off the Screen Lock

Disabling your tablet's screen lock will enable easy use of the tablet in the kiosk. You will also need to enable downloads from unknown sources to easily download the Ocean Tablet app (step 4).

  1. Enter the Settings app on your tablet.
  2. Select "Lock screen and security" from the menu along the left and then, from within the "Security" section, toggle "Unknown sources" ON (i.e. to the right)
  3. Go back to "Lock screen and security" and select "Screen lock type".
  4. Select "None" for your screen lock type.
4. Disable Google Search

Disabling your tablet's Google search function will prevent patients from being able to exit the Ocean Tablet app and use your tablet to surf the internet.

  1. Enter the Settings app on your table.
  2. Select "Apps" from the menu along the left.
  3. From the list of apps on the right, search for "Google" and select it.
  4. Select "Disable".
5. Download the Ocean Tablet App

Open an internet browser (e.g. Chrome) on your tablet. Type into the address bar. Complete the on-screen instructions to install the Ocean Tablet app.

6. Create a Tablet Grouping (in the Ocean Portal)

First, you'll need to create a tablet grouping for the kiosk tablet to tell it "how to behave".

  1. To create a tablet setting, log in to the Ocean portal, navigate to the Tablets tab, and create a new tablet grouping. You can do this by selecting "Clone" on an existing groupings.
  2. Rename the setting (e.g. Kiosk Setting).
  3. Select "Edit".

7. Enable Kiosk Mode for the Kiosk Tablet Group

The only requirement to run an Ocean Kiosk is that you select the "Kiosk" tablet mode from the drop-down menu at the top of the Tablet Settings window.

8. Configure Additional Kiosk Tablet Group Settings/Preferences

There are a number of other settings that you may want to configure for your kiosk. You can see basic instructions for editing tablet settings here. Review the options below to help decide how you would like your kiosk to behave:

  • Introduction tab:
    • Welcome/Introduction Page: You can use this option to display clinic announcements or other basic information. You can disable this option and have patients go straight to their demographics or other forms by unchecking the "Always Show Introduction Screen" on the Introduction tab.
    • Birth Date Validation: You can require the patient to enter their birthday after their health card number by selecting "Use Birthday Validation" on the Introduction tab. Please note that if you want to use birthday validation, you must also select the "Always Show Introduction Screen" option.

  • Demographics tab:
    • Demographic Information Review/Update: This option will allow you to display the patient's demographic information to them, allowing them to review and update their contact information. Most clinics opt to enable this when using tablets in Kiosk mode. To enable this, ensure that the "Always Show Demographics Screen" option at the top is selected, along with the demographic information you wish for the patient to update.

  • Rules tab:
    • Tablet Rules: You can use this feature to display additional forms for the patient to complete. Many clinics opt to display a couple of rule-driven forms for population screening and administration (e.g. email consent, smoking screening). You can build these rules on the "Rules" tab. Please refer to this article for a few helpful and commonly-used tablet rules.
    • Skipping eForms in Queue: Many clinics choose to only use the Kiosk to check the patient in and display a standard, common set of forms, without showing the forms that have been specifically added for a patient. If this is your preferred use, you will want to go to the "Rules" tab of the tablet settings window and check the box that says "Skip On Demand Forms".

  • Preferences tab:
    • Display a survey after all other forms are complete: You may wish to enable this option if you would like all your patients to fill out a specific form before their appointment (e.g. email consent form).
    • Hide Quit Button: It is often a good idea to hide the Quit button, just to prevent patients from being tempted to quit out of Ocean before completing all their forms.

9. Register Your Tablet

Once you have saved all of your settings, you'll need to register your kiosk tablet.

To register your tablet, open the Ocean Tablet app and type in:

  • Your Ocean site number,
  • The name that you wish to assign to the tablet,
  • An admin user's login credentials (i.e. an Ocean username and password for a user who is a site admin), and
  • Your Ocean site's shared encryption key.

Note: When registering your tablet, please leave the Ocean Server as is.

After the tablet has been registered, log in to the Ocean portal, enter the Tablets tab, and then drag and drop the tablet you just registered into your "Kiosk Setting" tablet group.

10. Enable the Ocean Launcher

Finally, when using Kiosk mode, you will want to enable the Ocean Launcher. This will replace the Android "home" screen with the Ocean app and will help to prevent misuse (e.g. a patient trying to access a browser).

You can find instructions to install the launcher from the Ocean app on your tablet here.

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