Deleting Studies Upon Completion

Any form completions associated with an active study in Ocean will incur charges. Therefore, when a study is complete, it should be deleted from the Studies tab in the Ocean Portal in order to prevent further submissions (and to prevent incurring accidental charges). Step-by-step instructions to delete a study can be found below.

1. Navigate to the Studies tab in the Ocean portal.

2. Select "Export Results" for the study you want to delete in order to ensure you have a copy of all your study data before you delete it. You can leave the date fields blank to ensure your file includes submissions from the entire study duration.

3. Select "Configure" for the study you want to delete.

4. Select "Delete Entire Study". You will be asked to confirm that you want to delete your study (with a reminder that all study data will be lost when the study is deleted.)

5. Select "Yes - Remove this study".

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