Where can I find the Waterloo Wellington System Coordinated Access (SCA) eReferral Forms?

These resources outlined below can also be found on our eReferral website, under "Downloadable Resources (Telus PS Suite)".

Required Forms 

Download the Ocean Custom Form – This is the latest version of the Ocean custom form. Current Ocean users may want to update to the latest version of the custom form.

Download the Ocean Attachment Exporter  – This is the “paper clip” option on the Ocean custom form that allows you to green bar and export notes as a pdf.

Download the Ocean eReferral Custom Form – This is the eReferral custom form that shows you the status of your referral.

Download the Ocean Toolbar – This is the latest version of the Ocean toolbar that includes the referral button (also found on the custom form but it is called Find Health Service). You don't need to download this one if you would prefer to keep your existing toolbar.

Optional Forms 

Optional Forms (these forms aren’t required but you may find them helpful):

Download the Waterloo Wellington Diabetes Central Intake Custom Form – This is a PSS custom form that you can use for Diabetes Central Intake referrals.

Download the Waterloo Wellington Self-Management Program Custom Form  – This is a PSS custom form that you can use for the Self-Management Program referrals. 

Download the Waterloo Wellington Orthopedics Central Intake Custom Form – This is a PSS custom form that you can use for Orthopedics Central Intake referrals. 

Download the WW Hospital DI eReferral Forms – This is a package of PSS custom forms used to launch a DI eReferral to Cambridge Memorial, Grand River, St. Mary’s, Guelph General, Louise Marshall, Groves Memorial, OR Palmerston District Hospital. These standardized DI requisition forms will be live March 26th, 2018, when the hospitals in WWLHIN go live with Ocean eReferrals. Please download and import the desired forms into your EMR before then.



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