Installing the Ocean Tablet App

Here’s a quick guide to getting Ocean installed on your new Android tablet.

Step 1: Download the file

This version of the Ocean application is intended to be downloaded on an Android tablet (not an iPad, OS X, or Windows).

Click Here to Download the Ocean App for Android

Note: You may receive a warning message that this type of file (wave.apk) can harm your device. You can override this by clicking “OK”.

Step 2: Install the file

When the download completes, click the "Open" button on the download completion notification at the bottom of the screen:

If you don't see the above notification, swipe down from the top of the tablet screen and click on the "wave.apk" download notification from there:

If you don't see either of the notifications outlined above, try finding the downloaded "wave.apk" file from your tablet's "Downloads" folder. You should be able to find this "Downloads" folder on your tablet's home screen and/or list of apps:

If there are multiple "wave.apk" files in your "Downloads" folder, choose the one with the highest number in brackets at the end of the file name.

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